Midwest Ethnohorticulture is a small, woman-owned business founded in 2007, dedicated to research related to: Ecology of Native American horticulture, Archaeological site ecology, and the use of phytoliths and humic acids in interpreting landscape and past plant communities and climate.

We work in the Midwest and Great Plains. Midwest Ethnohorticulture uses a multidisciplinary approach with collective backgrounds in Archaeology, Anthropology, Ecology, Environmental Science, Geography, Natural History and the arts.

Services provided:

  • Phytolith extraction and analysis from soils
  • Phytolith and starch extraction from lithics
  • Phytolith and starch extraction from ceramic residue
  • Humic acid analysis (improves accuracy of phytolith analysis results)
  • Pre-sampling consultation (free) – please call or e-mail in advance of sample collection when possible and tell us all you can – we want to help you collect samples that will yield meaningful results.
  • On-site sample collection

Wendy Munson-Scullin and Michael Scullin

PO Box 91

Indianola, Iowa 50125

Phone: 515-962-9375

e-mail: info@ethnohorticulture.com